Friday, July 9, 2010

How NOT to impulse buy!

Last night, I was on the Makeup board on, and I came across a topic about tips for how not to buy makeup products on impulse. I can really relate to this, because I catch myself lemming for new products all the time. So, here's how I stop myself from making pointless purchaces! :)
DO: Research your products.
Try to find swatches, reviews, pictures, etc. online. (I recommend for swatches, Christine is amazing!) It really helps to look at a picture or swatch, to see if you like the color. I always search products I want on Makeupalley product reviews before I buy. This is expecially helpful when shopping online, because we all know the swatches on the websites do no justice! If you're not buying online, check it out in person first, and if you're not feeling it, just walk away. If you have a change of heart, you can always go back.
Don't: Cave on overly-hyped products.
Even if it gets lots of hype from the beauty industry, still do your research. MAC Stereo Rose is a prime example. I saw countless SR MSFS up for swap on makeupalley, and almost every single one said that they bought it and found out the color doesn't suit them. One even said she doesn't even care for MSFS! It just goes to show, that products work differently for everyone, and although it may be HG status for some, you might hate it.
What do you do if you've already bought a product on impulse?
Check the store/website's return policies. I know in Sephora and MAC, you can return products within the first week you have them.
If you can't return it, you can always swap it on Makeupalley. (I'll be doing a post on Makeupalley soon, so look out for that!) Like the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure" someone, somewhere, will put the product to good use. It's great, because you can get something you can use for it, whether it be a product on your wishlist, or a gift card to sephora.
Hopefully this will help you resist the temptation to buy without researching!
Have a great day, and happy (and responsibly) hauling! :)
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